Lorenzo de Angelis



After coming to notice in pieces by Pascal Rambert, Alain Buffard, Vincent Thomasset or else Marlène Monteiro Freitas, with Haltérophile the dancer Lorenzo De Angelis has signed his first creation. It has lead him to take on the ambitious risk of addressing every spectator personally. To do so, he exploits a circular set-up, allowing him to devote a dance to each of them, with the shared listening to a piece of music, a silence, a questioning, a declaration, or an offering. These solicitations come from a genuine desire to share and encounter. Directly dictated by the physical presence of the spectators, they are sometimes pure examples of staging, imaginary relational situations, copies of scenes from films, or else real-life experiences. Haltérophile, which explores all the blind spots and the residual materials from the various creations he has taken part in, thus reveals Lorenzo De Angelis’s choreographic stamp. This piece is radiant with a benevolence which is powerful, reparatory and stimulating, for the times we live in.