Lara Barascq


© Leslie Artamonow
© Leslie Artamonow

17 > 21.06.24



Lara Barsacq’s work is inspired by choreo-graphic archives. She likes to combine archives, fiction, various forms of embodiment and a documentary perspective; starting from historical events, autobiographical rituals and what reality is made of, she tries to imagine dances, metaphors and to move towards embodiment. In 2016, she began imagining new performance projects stemming from the past, while regularly resurrecting forgotten female figures from the history of dance. Lara Barsacq was resident choreographer at Charleroi danse from 2020 to 2022. She is accompanied by Grand Studio and has been a member of the Grand Luxe network of artists. She is currently a fellow in the Théâtre de Liège (2024-2028) and in a residency at Cité musicale-Metz (2024-2026). 

Lara Barsacq will share her creative approaches and tools, drawing on her current questioning and the material from her previous creations. In collaboration with the group, she will propose exploratory experiments around and from dance and art history archives. Using images and narratives, each participant’s imagination will be mobilized. The workshop will be about performativity, fabricated, reproduced or transformed dances. Through this collective imagination, we’ll playfully venture into the creation of a group portrait.