Dance paths, (RE)collection Hervé Robbe

Hervé Robbe

Double je – Nous comme entre deux © Vincent Bosc
Double je – Nous comme entre deux © Vincent Bosc

27.02 > 16.03.24

CN D Pantin

The Dance Paths, (RE)collection Hervé Robbe exhibition, devoted to Hervé Robbe's artistic career, aims to reveal the foundations that make up his work, highlighting in particular the affirmation of a choreographic signature from the outset; the appropriation and incorporation of his dance by several generations of performers; his pioneering work with images; his taste for experimentation, inscribing dance within different media and inventing spectacular devices; the pluridisciplinarity of his pieces and his creative process involving artistic contributions from other authors – composers, video artists, visual artists or designers.

The exhibition's approach is essentially visual, focusing on the presentation and staging of video, photographic and scenographic documents. It highlights the choreographer's rich and ongoing relationship with images, through the integration of video into his works, the creation of films and the production of video recordings. This visual display will be complemented by the presentation of archives, bearing witness to the creative process and the reception of his works, selected from all those deposited at the Centre national de la danse. Last but not least, composer Andrea Cera, one of the choreographer's closest collaborators, has created a sound installation for the exhibition, based on archives of his musical compositions.