Pau Simon


Exploit, Pau Simon © Agathe Poupeney
Exploit, Pau Simon © Agathe Poupeney


CN D Pantin

Created in 2012, Exploit offered a sharp and witty outlook on the notion of competition, by ironically confronting the bodies of ten performers with architectural, affective and aural elements that are traditionally present during that type of event. As another ironic nod to the practice, this “performance without a score” was presented during a competition, the Danse Élargie competition organized by Théâtre de la Ville and the Museum of Dance, where it had won first prize. The reprise of the piece in these pre-Olympic times that are saturated with athletic feats brings a fresh new perspective on what we understand as an exploit. Performed by 10 dancers, the choreography “absorbs, jumps over or absconds from the narrated exploit of a sports commentary”. Beyond the distanced representation of the codes connected to these practices, transdisciplinary artist Pau Simon questions the creative process and wonders: isn’t the idea of an artistic exploit absurd by nature?

Pau Simon is a dancer and choreographer who was trained in contemporary dance in the CNR of Lyon and in the CNSMDP. Then, Pau Simon completed a master’s degree at EHESS in Paris. Pau Simon projects with the Suprabenigne collective associate choreography, documentary and fiction with multiple point of view about realness. The latest piece, La Grande Remontée (2012), humorously explores representations of the masculinity connected to male contraception.