Research and notation presentations

01.02.24 — 14:00

CN D Pantin

"DéBOULé, histories, aesthetics and corporealities of a singular social practice in the Guadeloupe carnival".
by Clémence Baubant and Charlotte Siepiora

Study and transcription of a particular feature of the Guadeloupe carnival parade, focusing on the choreographic, musical and social structure of a social practice approached from a historical and aesthetic point of view.

“Hip-hop dance notation 101”
by Lumengo Massangila, aka Yugson Hawks

Development of a specific hip-hop dance notation based on a method (Hawks) that synthesizes the knowledge and experience of the greatest urban dancers, focusing on freestyle (improvisation) and the spatial configuration of the cypher (circle)

“The 2024 Olympics. A major turning point for hip-hop dance? An investigation”
by Roberta Shapiro

An analysis of the reasons (processes, actions, people, interests) behind the idea of including breakdance in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, accounting for issues of the rationalization of practices, specialization, and stratification of the dancing population.

“Los Darof Archives 1958-1968” [Darío Arboleda Iturregui and Ana Ofelia Betancur Rueda]
by Ivan Jimenez and Francisco Arboleda

Creation of the digital archive of Darío Arboleda Iturregui and Ana Ofelia Betancur Rueda, two Colombian artists who, between the late 1950s and the late 1960s, developed an activity centered on the interpretation of so-called "folk dances" from Colombia and other South American countries.