Research and notation presentations

18.01.24 — 14:00

CN D Pantin

“Visual glossary of dance fundamentals in sign language and French”
by Jos Pujol

Creation of a bilingual French / sign language (LSF) teaching tool designed to facilitate access to dance for people with hearing disabilities, and to some of its fundamental notions – space, body, movement, time and relation.

“‘Donner la palabre’. Interviews on improvisation through Body Weather”
by Christine Quoiraud

This exposé collects the words of witnesses interviewed about their practice of the proprioceptive approach, in direct interaction with the environment initiated by dancer Tanaka Min in Europe and Japan in the 1980s.

“Investigation: a dialogue with Laurence Louppe – signs of presence”
by Laurence Saboye

Experimentation with a device designed to stimulate the active, dynamic dimension of historian and critic Laurence Louppe's thinking, questioning in particular some of her analytical notions ("état de corps", "forces du corps", "corps sensible", "pré-mouvement").