Research and notation presentations

16.01.24 — 14:00

CN D Pantin

“Ann Hutchinson Guest, a life in notation”
by Cassia Sakarovitch and Raymundo González Ruiz

A filmed interview with Ann Hutchison Guest, a major figure in notation, who will share some of her thoughts on Laban notation, its history and its challenges.

“Transmission and notation: Le Loup et l’Agneau [choreographed by Béatrice Massin, Benesh notation]”
by Laurianne Faure, Romain Panassié and Béatrice Massin

Production of a (Benesh) score for this five-part duet by Béatrice Massin, transmitted fifteen years after its creation, which led to research being conducted into the specificities of the artistic work of the choreographer, who is personally involved in the transmission process.

Forme simple [choreographed by Loïc Touzé, February 2018]"
by Magali Brument and Loïc Touzé

Creation of the score for this piece based on 15 of Johann Sebastian Bach's 30 Goldberg Variations, a series of gestural dances and dance narratives inviting us to listen to rhythms, nuances, shifts, attacks, jerks...

“Laban notation of the solo On The First Counterpoint by Nina Vallon”
by Flora Rogeboz

Production of the score for a solo composed of eleven phrases, created in 2007 with composer Thierry de Mey around the first counterpoint of Johann Sebastian Bach's Art of the Fugue.