Study day

Mediation and cultural rights

28.06.23 — 10:00

CN D Pantin

Cultural rights, as they are delineated in the 2007 Fribourg declaration, are the cornerstone of mediation practices, such as taking into account multiple identities, valorizing different types of knowledge, involving people, taking part in the education and training of citizens and future citizens… Through debating and sharing experiences and initiatives implemented in different European countries, we will try to understand how mediation practices mobilize and challenge cultural rights and how cultural rights question and shift the intentions and actions of mediators and artists. What can dance do in terms of cultural rights? How do cultural rights specifically engage with dance?

Audio review of the study day "Mediation, a practice of cultural rights?

Podcast produced by Margot Montis.
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Daedalus in cultural rights
with Christelle Blouët, coordinator of the Culture 21 Network

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Presentation of the game Dédale in cultural rights


Assemblé,  pedagogy of sharing
with Marcela Santander Corvalán, dancer-choreographer and teacher, Bettina Blanc Penther, visual and choreographic artist and Anaïs Garcia, artistic and cultural education officer at CN D (France)

Presentation of the Assemblé system

Rural Touring Dance Initiative: addressing geographical inequality in UK dance touring
with Christina Elliot, Head of Programming and Production at The place (UK).

Presentation of Rural Touring Dance Initiative

Lunch break
Dancing Around Race, cultivating racial equity and absolute belonging
with Gerald Casel, Professor and Chair of the Dance Department at the Mason Gross School of Arts, State University of New Jersey at Rutgers, founder of Dancing Around Race (USA)

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website of Dancing Around Race

Approximations and collaborations for a Corps commun
with Elisabete Paiva, artistic director of Materias Diversos (Portugal)

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Practising cultural rights, reflection circles

These discussion circles are loosely based on a tool developed by La concertation, a network of Brussels-based associations working on art mediation and cultural rights.

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