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22.06.23 — 19:00

CN D Pantin
On Thursdays evenings, CN D invites you to share your thoughts for the first time or in a new way with three of Camping’s artists.

Madeleine Planeix-Crocker with Cherish Menzo

Slowing Infrastructures

On this occasion, research-practitioner and curator, Madeleine Planeix-Crocker shares the stage with choreographer Cherish Menzo. Together, they will build upon an ongoing conversation around Cherish’s piece, DARKMATTER which is featured as a case study in Madeleine’s doctoral dissertation on co-creation in contemporary performance. Conceived as a back-and-forth between theory and practice, this gathering will invoke distortion as a strategy for exhausting linear time, hermetic space and, ultimately, dance as a discipline, to imagine new infrastructures in expansion. Particular attention will be placed upon DARKMATTER's choral make, one that explores undercurrents as tools for commoning through the lens of queer theory and decolonial critique.