for non-professionals

Guillaume Marie

22.06.23 — 18:30

CN D Pantin
For the two weeks of Camping, the Studio 12 of the CN D becomes an ephemeral studio where dance enthusiasts can attend a workshop led by six guest choreogra-phers free of charge. A unique opportunity for members ot the public to dance with internation-ally famous choreographers!

Guillaume Marie studied at the Opéra de Paris, and at the national conservatory of music and dance in Paris. Since he began his career in 2000, he has worked with numerous world-class choreographers and stage directors, namely Maryse Delente, Itzik Galili, Thierry Smits, Gaël Depauw, Martin Butler, Jonathan Capdevielle, Marlène Saldana & Jonathan Drillet, Guilherme Botelho, David Wampach, Gaëlle Bourges, Cindy Van Acker, Jan Fabre, Romeo Castellucci and Gisèle Vienne. Since 2005, Guillaume Marie has been creating his own works with the association Tazcorp, a group of artists from the world of dance and performing arts, philosophy, music, costume, make-up and special effects and video. His work is incredibly varied, ranging from dance to short films.