Euripides Laskaridis


Euripides Laskaridis, Relic © Miltos Athanasiou
Euripides Laskaridis, Relic © Miltos Athanasiou

26 > 28.06.23

CN D Pantin

Stage director, film director, and choreogra-pher, Euripides Laskaridis is based in Athens. His work explores the notion of ridicule and transformation. Relic is presented as the por-trait of a creature from another era, with no fixed gender or origin, a swollen body that becomes host to a multitude of carefully com-posed images. In the domestic arena, an apartment, the foam figure uses tights and artificial limbs to gradually accessorise its existence, playing with the codes of cabaret and leaning towards strangeness. Caught up in a day-to-day rhythm of – on the surface – mundane, actions, each movement slides slightly off-beat, towards an unsettling yet amusing strangeness. Using objects, voice and a strong presence modulated with striking efficacy, the Greek artist probes the composite aesthetics that give rise to a performing body: a relic of ancient times that has agglomerated and digested the movements and pieces of foreign bodies, a hybrid body, queer in the original sense of the word.

Euripides Laskaridis, a Greek director and performer, studied acting in Athens and directing in New York on an Onassis Foundation Scholarship. Since 1995, he has been performing, collaborating with directors such as Dimitris Papaioannou and Robert Wilson. In 2000, he started directing his own work as well as award-winning short films. In 2015, he created the solo Relic which has since toured to more than 35 theatre festivals around the world. In 2016 he was awarded the Pina Bausch Fellowship and in 2022 the Onassis Air Fellowship.