Marcela Santander Corvalán

Camping Workshop

26 > 30.06.23

CN D Pantin

Born in Chile, Marcela Santander Corvalán trained in Milan and then at the CNDC Angers. She also graduated in history and dance from the University of Paris 8. Since 2011 she has been working alongside choreographers Dominique Brun, Faustin Linyekula, Julie Nioche, Ana Rita Teodoro and Volmir Cordeiro.Her collaboration with choreographer Mickaël Phelippeau included the artistic direction of À DOMICILE, in Guissény, Brittany. Since 2014 she has put her name to Époque with Volmir Cordeiro (2015), her first solo Disparue (2016), MASH with Annamaria Ajmone (2017), and Quietos (2019). In 2020 she co-authored the performed conference CONCHA – Histoires d’écoute on the theme of listening, with Hortense Belhôte. Marcela Santander Corvalán was associate artist at the Quartz theatre in Brest from 2014 to 2017 and is currently at La Manufacture, CDCN Nouvelle-Aquitaine Bordeaux La Rochelle.

This workshop involves reawakening the inanimate – stones, sticks, valleys, vibrations – in our minds and in our artistic practice, to translate the sensations that they evoke in our bodies. By sharing our accounts of what binds them to us, we create mythological fictions that give rise to personal or collective dances. What if the essence of this workshop were to plunge into matter by means of the spirituality that it encapsulates? What would contemporary animist dance look like? How can our movements and our accounts demonstrate our coexistence?