Alice Ripoll

Camping Workshop

26 > 30.06.23

CN D Pantin

Alice Ripoll, from Rio de Janeiro, was studying to be a psychoanalyst when she took a deviant turn at the age of 21. She felt curious about the possibilities of the body and movement research, so she decided to study dance. Alice Ripoll graduated from the Angel Vianna’s school, an important center for dance and motor rehabilitation, and started to work as a choreographer. Alice started directing and performe in a few pieces as well – mostly of herself. She worked with dancers, actors and circus artists. Her work embraces contemporary dance, performance and urban dance styles from Brazil. Through research, the work opens space for dancers to transform experiences and memories that live in them, into images. Currently she’s directing two artistic teams: REC and SUAVE.

« In this workshop I will address issues related to direction in dance, such as artistic freedom, improvisation, composition, choice mechanisms, scene elements, relationship with the performers. The topics will be approached from my practice as a director with my two artistic teams: REC and SUAVE. The students must have an interest in directing. The workshop will have a theoretical part and a practical part. »
Alice Ripoll