César Vayssié

Camping Workshop

19 > 23.06.23

CN D Pantin

Unclassifiable, César Vayssié recounts the confusion between art, politics, and intimate desire. His films and performances mix genres with insolence and poetry, seeking out narratives that engage bodies. He has worked with Boris Charmatz, Philippe Quesne, François Chaignaud, and Olivia Grandville, among others. His work has been presented at the Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, Actoral Marseille, Tate Modern, Momi New York, Tanzquartier and Impulstanz in Vienna, the Festival de la Cité and the Festival Belluard in Switzerland.
As associate artist at the Ménagerie de verre in 2017, he created COPROUDUCTION. The film UFE was awarded the Georges de Beauregard and the Prix du public at the FID Marseille in 2016. The film NE TRAVAILLE PAS won the Prix FIPRESCI at the 2018 Viennale. In 2021, he wrote PÉTER LE CUBE at Usine C in Montreal. In 2022, associate at the Mille Plateaux CCN La Rochelle he won the Mondes Nouveaux with RICORDA TI CHE È UN FILM COMICO, performance and film.

Fiction primitives

The workshop “Fictions primitives” offers an accumulation of intense and paradoxical experiences (anarchy and virtuosity for example), that engage the body (but also speech and sound) in a quest for ambiguous narrative phenomena (whose interpretation is uncertain). The question of desire (and its contradictions) is the argument for research (as a group or individually) that produce (dance) actions of a spontaneous (archaic and futuristic) film with no storyline, shot simultaneously. Together we shall come up with singular (primitive?) moves and living sensations (emotions) and their iconic (filmed) equivalents. Start from scratch? Sure! But which way do we go?