Camping Workshop

19 > 23.06.23

CN D Pantin

Having come to dance via krump, which she discovered in 2008, Nach simultaneously developed a relationship with the stage and with composition. A performer for several artists, she fuelled her imagination through encounters with the choreographer Heddy Maalem and stage director Marcel Bozonnet. Music-wise, she was drawn to Koki Nakano and Ruth Rosenthal (of the Winter Family collective). As for film, she led a distinctive project with students of one of the schools involved in the Koutrajmé collective. In 2017 she wrote her first solo, Cellule, followed by Beloved Shadows in 2019, inspired by a trip to Japan. There, she discovered , bunraku and butô.

An exploration of different aesthetics such as butô, contact dance, Kathakali, puppetry, and flamenco broadened Nach’s practice and led her to develop improvisation tools that enable multiple offshoots and perpetual rejuvenation. Imagination is at the core of this workshop, slicing through bodies to de-construct shapes and uncover foundations. Precise work on isolation, the relationship with the ground, articulations in space and the notions of gaze and dexterity lead us back to the multiplicity of organic matter, and on to new choreographic landscapes.