Alexandre Munz

Camping Workshop

19 > 23.06.23

CN D Pantin

Principal dancer at the Berlin Opera Ballet, Alexandre Munz has interpreted a host of classical, neo-classical, and contemporary works. Diagnosed with a spine injury at the age of 30, he followed his intuition and embarked on empirical research of his own body. He experimented with sequences of rotational dynamic micro-movements carried out extremely slowly. In three days, his chronic pain had disappeared. Unbeknown to him, Alexandre had gained a 15 -year head start on scientific research. His three-dimensional and multi-directional MUNZ FLOOR® and MUNZ BARRE® movements were bringing to the fascia system what it needs to trigger its extraordinary power of self-regeneration. Today, thanks to Maison Munz, the award-winning method is taught around the world, in Europe, Africa, the US, Canada and Asia.

Our fibres and cells are bound together by fascia (or matrix), our only organ that has neither beginning nor end. Liquefy fascia and it produces an auto-regenerative fabric of anti-inflammatory proteins that hydrate and render supple. How? By transmitting slow forces and counter forces. In the MUNZ FLOOR® method invented by former Principal dancer Alexandre Munz, forces spiral out and spread in all directions. From your very first lesson, you will feel the effects of the intramuscular massage and its resonance on your mental state. You feel calmer, better connected to yourself.