Marco Berrettini

Camping Workshop

19 > 23.06.23

CN D Lyon

Italian dancer and choreographer Marco Berrettini was born in 1963. His interest in dance began at the disco and in 1978 he won the German disco dancing championships. At the age of 17, he embarked on a professional dancing course at the London School
of Contemporary Dance and then at the Folkwangschulen in Essen before moving to France in 1988. Since then Marco Berrettini has produced several dozen shows. He won the ZKB prize at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel performing arts festival for Sturmwetter prépare l’an d’Emil. He has also penned No Paraderan, *Melk Prod. goes to New Orleans (2007), iFeel (2009), iFeel2 (2012), iFeel3 (2016), iFeel4 (2017) and My soul is my Visa (2018). In 2021 he wrote Music All with Jonathan Capdevielle and Jérôme Marin and in 2022 he produced My Epifunny, a work for five dancers and a musician.  The company *Melk Prod. is jointly subsidised by the city of Geneva, the Canton of Geneva and Pro Helvetia.

“What I like about Peter Sloterdijk is that the elements we use for dance – texts, steps, and songs – cannot be judged good or bad. They are part of us, they contaminate us as soon as we encounter them. And Krishnamurti sets aside any sort of recipe for dance. We often feel obliged to forge ties, create coherence between our ideas and the way they take shape. On the contrary, Krishnamurti encourages us to let go, to step back and observe, to let things emerge.
The workshop incorporates practice and improvisation, developed with and by the participants.”
Marco Berrettini