David Wampach


David Wampach, ENDO © Martin Colombet
David Wampach, ENDO © Martin Colombet

16 > 18.03.23

CN D Pantin

This frantic duet unfolds between euphoria and sobriety, in a swirl of bodies and sets that come to life. In this spasmodic dance, bodies absorb paint into their very pores and eyes, spraying it on the floor and the walls. It is a riveting musical creation, ranging between a freak show and hypnotic body art, which leads this moving painting to the edge of trance. The choreographer revisits established codes to honor dance and its history: his work is marked by the influence of the theatre and visual arts, and exudes history-informed freedom. This piece revisits the legacy of performance art, action painting and the endotic, which, contrary to exoticism, invites us to think about self-renewal not through a tabula rasa experience, but through deep introspection. Endlessly reconciling polar opposites in his work, David Wampach has become one of these rare artists who can be said to combine highbrow and lowbrow culture successfully. 

David Wampach’s work is influenced by the theater and visual arts, combined in a personal perspective he’s been exploring within the Achles association since 2004. His pieces (CONCRERTO, BEREZINA, ENDO, SACRE…) and long-lasting artistic collaborations (with Tamar Shelef, Aina Alegre, Rachel Garcia, Pierre Mourles, Dalila Khatir…) showcase a unique outlook which explores transe-like states and question what is at stake in the representation process. Since 2021, he’s been working on a local project for his residency in la Grand’Combe in the Cévennes, named LA DÉTER.