Audrey Liebot

on se connaît de la nuit

une méthode © audrey liebot 
une méthode © audrey liebot 

10 & 11.03.23

CN D Pantin

On se connaît de la nuit is a hybrid show which plays on the proximity between performers and audience members. Visual art, poetry and choreography are interweaved in a sensual movement towards dusk: it is an invitation to gently go into the night. The artist brings together missing narratives of HIV and AIDS and explores sensory and sexual memory to invite us to look within for buried traces and sensations and awaken their pulse. The raw, porous, inhabited space becomes saturated with vibrations and fills with wafts of phantasms, suggesting the end of a party or the lingering scent of skin. The game is to let ourselves be immersed in this universe made of daily objects, fragrances and gestures, shared doubt, modes of transmission, bodily fluids, texts read together, in a collective participatory listening experience. 

Audrey Liebot holds a Master of Arts from the Haute école des arts de la scène de Suisse Occidentale (2019). She works in France and Switzerland and lives in Seine-Saint-Denis. Her very hybrid work is articulated around a large-scale dramatization which tackles absence and the experience of illness as a praxis. She invites us to share time, in the liminal zones of memory and sex where “we let the other live” (Judith Butler). She is a resident in Artagon Pantin and she will show her work in La Manutention in the Palais de Tokyo in Spring 2023.