Daily classes contemporary

Shlomi Tuizer

22 > 26.05.23

CN D Pantin

A precise organic approach connecting awareness of physical structures to dance movement, for a dynamic body engaging actively with its surroundings.

Shlomi Tuizer

Shlomi Tuizer started his career with the Batsheva Dance Company, in Israel. He then went on to collaborate with many choreographers in France and abroad. He founded the Affari Esteri company with Edmond Russo in 2005, where he has been broadening his choreographic scope, between artistic creation and a strong commitment towards pedagogy. He created Racconti in 2021, a piece for 6 dancers for the 21st Biennale du Val de Marne, as well as the Main dans la Main quatuor for the Royaumont Festival in 2022. In addition to being an artist working in various institutions, he has also been artistic and pedagogy advisor for the Formation professionnelle du danseur interprète – Coline since 2016.