Research and notation presentations

17.01.23 — 14:00

CN D Pantin
“Digitizing and publishing the Laban Dictionary of Kinetography (Labanotation) by Albrecht Knust online”
Presentation by Mónika Éva Lisztes

Presentation of the digitizing process of the almost 300 entries of the Dictionary of Kinetography Laban, translated into English in 1979 and in French in 2011, which allows to navigate between the sections and sub-sections, do text research, etc…

“Two soli by Rosalia Chladek”
by Christine Caradec

Reprise of a score of the “Baton dance” (1930) and the “Slavic dance” (1923) by Rosalia Chladek, a leading figure of Austrian modern dance who was trained in the Dalcroze school in Hellerau, who authored over 150 pieces, among which 70 soli.

“Following Red Notes: looking for its Laban kinetographic translation”
by Noëlle Simonet, Vincent Lenfant

Presentation of the Laban kinetographic transcription of Red Notes, a choreography by Andy De Groat created in 1977 with 10 dancers, which was recently reprised by young dancers from the Nantes conservatory as part of their training, and whose composition, based on interactions and improvisation, features interesting notational challenges.

“Another Look at Memory”
by Raphaël Cottin

Presentation of the Laban kinetographic transcription of this entire piece by Thomas Lebrun (trio, solo, quatuor), along with a reflection on memory through 6 of his older pieces, and a presentation of the 10-year research of this choreographer about choreographic vocabulary.