Ballet de
l’Opéra de Lyon

Keep dancing – Danser Encore

Danser encore, Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon, Ioannis Mandafounis & Yan Leiva © Charlène Bergeat
Danser encore, Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon, Ioannis Mandafounis & Yan Leiva © Charlène Bergeat

14 > 15.10.22

CN D Pantin

The Lyon Opera Ballet will perform soli all over the CN D, in a choreographic circuit resulting from the meeting between one different dancer and one different choreographer for each solo. “Danser Encore” wishes to reflect the diversity of contemporary creation and immerse us into a living creative process for contemporary dance. Initiated in 2020 by Lyon Opera Ballet director Julie Guibert, the “Danser Encore” cycle relies on a desire to showcase the individuality of the company’s dancers and to support choreographic creation in the difficult context of a global pandemic by banking on the fertile dialogue between choreographers and performers. From the creation of tailored soli, “Danser Encore” exposes the team work of two people and highlights how diverse contemporary creation is. After conceiving 13 original soli, the Lyon Opera Ballet will continue the project by creating more pieces that will use all the resources of the body, image and movement. Occupying the entire space of the Centre national de la danse over the course of two days, over 10 soli will be performed in the studios and the Atrium, revealing the fragility, lightness, density and particular grain of each performer and the magnitude of their desire to dance.

In a project led by its director, Julie Guibert, the Lyon Opera ballet continues its exploration of new territories in contemporary creation while maintaining the standards of the great choreographic writing processes of the past. The company imagines new ways of celebrating dance, by shedding light on the way a dancer carries a choreographic score. While highlighting meaning, language, voice and interdisciplinary collaborations, the Lyon Opera Ballet is seeking to broaden the scope of the present by bringing a comparative perspective in the process of choreographic writing.