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14 > 23.06.22

CN D Pantin

Every day throughout Camping, the CN D is providing special services for students and professionals.


06.14 > 17 & 06.20 > 23
10:00 > 14:00
Consultation € 5, by appointment
30 min.
Physiotherapists from the INSEP (Institut National du Sport, de l’Expertise et de la Performance) will be present at the CN D. You can ask them for advice or an opinion with regard to prevention, physical preparation, returning after injury, or about recuperation, massage, stretching.


Come to us with your questions!

06.14 > 16 & 06.21 > 23
12:00 > 14:00
Working or touring in France
The professional resources team can provide you with information about how the choreography sector is organised in France: work contracts, performing arts contracts, job opportunities, social welfare, etc.

06.14 & 21
12:00 > 14:00
Information point: welcome desk for foreign artists
Anaïs Lukacs, head of MobiCulture, answers all the administrative and practical questions that foreign artists might have about working in France: residency permits, visas, health insurance, taxes, etc.

06.16 & 23
12:00 > 14:00
Information briefing on the availability of studios and residencies at the CN D.