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John Degois &
Fabrice Taraud

© DR
© DR

22.06.22 — 18:30

CN D Pantin

For the two weeks of Camping, the Studio 12 of the CN D is being transformed into an ephemeral studio where dance enthusiasts can attend a workshop led by six guest choreogra-phers free of charge. A unique opportunity for members ot the public to dance with internation-ally famous choreographers!

John Degois is a self-taught dancer and choreographer with a hip-hop background. He has worked with many French choreographers, while always carrying out his own artistic projects in parallel: creating shows for theatres or the street, making dance videos, organising educational workshops or artistic happenings. He likes to go where dance is not expected, to discover new audiences and collaborators, and thus continue to enrich his artistic universe.

Fabrice “Pika” Taraud is a self-taught hip-hop dancer. He made his debut as a professional with Zaza Disdier, followed by various collaborations with Nathalie Pernette, Emanuel Gat, Fouad Boussouf, Uriel Barthelémy and recently the Oposito company. This experience gave rise to a way for him in turn to accompany other dancers on their journey, through defined freestyles.