Katerina Andreou

Mourn Baby Mourn

Mourn Baby Mourn, Katerina Andreou. © Hélène Robert
Mourn Baby Mourn, Katerina Andreou. © Hélène Robert

13 & 14.06.22

CN D Pantin

In her solo performance Mourn Baby Mourn, Katerina Andreou offers an intimate manifesto marked by questions about grief. She emphasises that since ancient times, lamentation has generally been the reserve of women, who accompany the dead with their extreme and ritual expressions of sorrow. In this production, the dancer and choreographer turns to lamentation as a method of dealing with the sadness and frustration of our time. Mourn Baby Mourn is inspired by the concept of hauntology, popularised by the cultural critic Mark Fisher, among others. It refers to an aesthetic rooted in nostalgia and the imitation of the past, a symbol of a culture that is in a state of flux. This is a production in the form of a “distress signal, an attempt to escape melancholy by going into crash mode”.

Katerina Andreou is a dancer, choreographer and musician. Born in Greece and now based in France, she is a graduate of the Cndc in Angers and has worked as a performer with, among others, DD Dorvillier, Emmanuelle Huynh and Lenio Kaklea. Awarded the Jardin d’Europe prize at the ImpulsTanz festival in 2016 for A kind of fierce, she has since created the solo BSTRD (2018) as well as the duo Zeppelin Bend (2020) with Natali Mandila.