Vania Vaneau

Camping Workshop

13 > 17.06.22


Vania Vaneau trained as a dancer in Brazil and then at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels. She holds a degree in psychology from the University of Paris 8 and has also trained in Body Mind Centering. She worked as a performer with Maguy Marin and Christian Rizzo among others, and now co-directs the Arrangement provisoire company with Jordi Galí. They are associate artists at ICI – CCN de Montpellier. Her choreographic research links physical work to a visual aspect of fabrication and manipulation of materials, costumes and scenographic objects, considered as actors in their own right during the performance. She is interested in the physical and psychic strata that make up the human body, in a relationship of continuity with the natural and cultural environment in which it evolves. Her productions include: Blanc (2014), Ornement (2016) and Ornement#2 (2021) co-created with Anna Massoni, ORA (Orée) (2019), and Nebula (2021). She also develops transmission and research projects, such as Zones de Contact and Carnaval.

The body and its strata: inner and outer landscapes
This workshop proposes to concentrate on physical and sensory experiences, starting from the multiple strata of the physical and psychic body, but also on the relationship of continuity that is established between bodies, and between bodies and materials. Times of practice and exchange will be an opportunity to observe fringes or contact zones between the visible or invisible elements of space, between the interior and exterior of the body. We will question how the body relates to its environment, the human with the non-human, by exploring and refining the entanglements between perception, movement and imagination, thereby generating practices that take the form of both intimate and group rituals, where listening, sensations and imagination connect with plasticity and composition.