Arco Renz

Camping Workshop

20 > 24.06.22

CN D Pantin

Arco Renz is working as choreographer, director, dancer, curator, dramaturge or tutor. He studied dance and theatre in Berlin and Paris before joining in 1995 the first generation of P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. As artistic director of Brussels based dance company Kobalt Works he creates since 2001 a profuse oeuvre of choreographies in Europe and Asia, as well as commissioned works for Opera Houses and institutional companies around the world. His body of work, choreographic and pedagogic, particularly cares about elaborating the intersection of research, exchange and knowledge through performance practice. His productions with Kobalt Works are conceived as ongoing processes that evolve around the core concept of “Abstract Dramaturgy” – a merging of choreography with dramaturgical thinking through the modulation of the fundamentally nonnarrative parameters of dance: time, space, energy. Monsoon is a series of research and performance platforms instigated by Arco Renz since 2006, an ongoing project with editions in Asia, Europe and Australia that brings together various artists. 

Participants will experiment choreographic dialogues of the body-mind-unit with the time-space-whole. Such operations are at the core of “Abstract Dramaturgy”, a continuously evolving set of structural and choreographic processes in which the word ‘abstract’ is used here as a verb – in that dancing is underscored as a live negotiation between Self and Otherness, between Figure and Ground. Meaning, narrative and dramaturgy are rendered as outcomes or by-products that depend on the liveness of the dance and dancer. We will practice a set of physical principles relating to breathing patterns and the merging of opposing poles such as in-out open-close gather-disperse…We will explore these principles through improvisation, movement sequences and observation. This practice focuses on fundamental qualities that are pertinent to all performing arts and styles of dance.

Prior dance experience required.

Accessibility and additional information in the file to download.