Marina Otero

Camping Workshop

13 > 17.06.22

CN D Pantin

Marina Otero was born in Buenos Aires. As a performer, director, writer and teacher, she distinguished herself in international festivals with pieces such as Se rappeler 30 années pour vivre 65 minutes and 200 coups de jambon Serrano, before presenting Fuck Me in Europe in 2021. As a performer, she has participated in productions by Pablo Rotemberg and Emilio García Wehbi, among others. She coordinates the creative workshop El cuerpo como obra y destino (The body as a work and end in itself).

I is a body
This workshop proposes to understand the body as a material, the body as an archive, using physical language, improvisation and writing, approaching practice from the idea of a split between a subjective “I” and an objective “I”. The aim is to observe what is implemented, by generating technical tools that make it possible to become aware of the particularities of each individual. Moving pieces, moving voids, moving organs, moving the present. I is a body aims to explore the limits established between reality and fiction, creating a circulation between the unconscious and the conscious, from a personal poetics that merges the role of author, narrator and performer.

Marina Otero presents Love me during this edition of Camping.

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