Lady MadSkillz

Camping Workshop

13 > 17.06.22

CN D Pantin
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Émilie Ouedraogo – aka Lady MadSkillz aka Wounded – was named French krumpeuse of 2018. It was in 2008 that she had a decisive encounter with krumpers: marked by the aesthetics and spirit of the dance, she rapidly made it part of her daily practice. A finalist and prize-winner in several international events, she joined the Heddy Maalem company in 2013 for the production of Éloge du puissant royaume. Since then, she has worked with Marcel Bozonnet on Le Couloir des Exilés, Malgven and David Brandstatter on Krump Break N'Release, Anne Nguyen on À mon bel Amour, Périne Faivre on Héroïne, and Grichka Caruge on A Human Race. She was also a performer in the short films Buck by Anne Cissé and Muted by Frank Ternier, and a choreographer for Denis Lebaton’s Séparation and Caroline Obin’s Homo Sapiens. Nourished by all these experiences, she began a new, more intimate phase of work based on her krump character name, Wounded.

“Throughout my career, which has been marked by a constant back-and-forth between the street and the stage, and thanks to encounters that are sometimes far removed from my practice, I have been able to develop different exercises and processes that allow me to work with krump and savour its spirit. The objective of this workshop is to let us have a krump experience, and through it to reconcile us with our differences, our inequalities, but also our common points and talents. Because krump is a dance of expression that allows us to communicate about all our states: what we feel, go through, live and share. We will be able to learn, discover and explore, thanks to this urban dance codified in Los Angeles in the 2000's.” Lady MadSkillz

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