Dalila Khatir

Camping Workshop

20 > 24.06.22

CN D Pantin
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Dalila Khatir is a singer and performer. She has been collaborating for several years as a vocal coach, assistant to the musical dramaturgy and external viewer in the productions of choreographers Boris Charmatz, Herman Diephuis, Betty Tchomanga, David Wampach, Michel Schweizer, Thierry Micoin and more recently Fabrice Mazliah. She also works in the fields of opera singing, improvisation and musical theatre, encouraging a broader approach to the voice and singing.

Voice workshop
The workshop will focus on vocal and sound exploration, always in relation to the body. Creating links between the body, breath, sound, rhythm, expression, listening, acting and improvisation. Finding how to be in harmony and at one with your voice. The workshop consists of classical warm-ups, playful vocal games, a cappella choral work to learn to sing together, and improvisations. Using all these materials, we will dare to write a singular, collective and physical vocal piece. The aim of the workshop is to give way to one’s creativity, to surprise oneself, to listen, to connect with other people, with the group, to constitute an inventive, musical and sensitive sound body.

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