Po-Ang Hsu

Camping Workshop

20 > 24.06.22

CN D Pantin

Po-Ang Hsu started learning Jing-Ju at the age of 10 and began studying Western theatre at 18. He founded Po-You Set in 2007, creating unique Taiwanese theatre by combining elements of Jing-Ju (Peking Opera) and other forms of theatre. He has been nominated for the Taishin Arts Award and for the Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music. In 2016, he represented Taiwan at the 5th Asian Theatre Directors’ Festival in Toga, Japan. In his youth, he was nicknamed Sun Wukong (the Monkey King) for his unconventional artistic style.

Jing-Ju (Peking Opera)
Jing-Ju (Peking Opera) is one of the major genres of traditional Chinese theatre and has been popular for almost 200 years because of its body movements. Jing-Ju has strict requirements for body movement and physical training. During this workshop, Po-Ang will teach participants how to train their bodies and how to imagine the stage with only one table and two chairs. At the end of the workshop, all the different elements will be combined to demonstrate the distinct performance style of Jing-Ju and show participants the beauty of this celebrated performance art.

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