Matija Ferlin

Camping Workshop

13 > 17.06.22

CN D Pantin

Matija Ferlin is a Croatian director, choreographer and performer. A graduate of the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, he lived in Berlin and Toronto before returning to his home town of Pula. There he works with artists from a variety of backgrounds, from theatre and dance to visual arts and film. His works, including the Sad Sam series, have been performed at numerous international festivals over the past twenty years.

Performative wakefulness
Through this workshop, Ferlin primarily wants to research the notions of working on the performer's body by offering participants a reversal of established ideas about performer's presence, stage movement those that prevail within the so-called classical theatrical or dance process. He will offer ways and methods that will help the participant to work on the state of complete performative wakefulness and to be able to listen to the overgrowth of the silence that's springing out of a still/moving body once it has been placed in a performative context.

Prior dance experience required

Accessibility and additional information in the file to download.