with Ola Maciejewska

around FIGURY (przestrzenne)

Ola Maciejewska © Martin Argyroglo
Ola Maciejewska © Martin Argyroglo

26.03.22 — 14:30

CN D Pantin

Ola Maciejewska’s new production draws on the theories of Simone Forti, a major figure in American postmodern dance. Forti’s working methods emphasise ‘what we know about things through our bodies’, as she puts it. Inspired by this way of looking at the interaction between the body and its environment, Ola Maciejewska has developed a solo, FIGURY (przestrzenne) – literally “spatial figure” in Polish – which highlights the body’s dual capacity to produce gestures and remain permeable to its surroundings. On stage, she embodies a series of porous sculptures, conceived in relation to space and extended in counterpoint by vocal work. In continuity with her earlier pieces Loïe Fuller: Research (2011) and Bombyx Mori (2015), the choreographer and performer develops subjects relating to choreographic history that question, in a contemporary perspective, the relationship between subject and object.