Monday workshop

Vania Vaneau,
Marie Papon
& Jeanne Vallauri

24.01 > 14.03.22

CN D Lyon

Transmission of practices that bring movement not through voluntary gesture, but through a more subtle and inner source that is the unconscious, an activation of the imagination, dreams or hypnosis as tools for dance.

Vania Vaneau, Marie Papon and Jeanne Vallauri are dancers and/or choreographers and are particularly interested in teaching. They met while working together in Maguy Marin's company or at Lieues, an artistic creation space in Lyon. They also have a particular interest in complementary practices to dance, which activate in depth the sensitivity of the body, the movement and the imagination. Whether through improvisation, somatic practices or hypnosis, the proposed practices will create a link between the unconscious and the action, awakening the creative potential of each person and the group.