Dialogue between dance
and Iyengar yoga

04 & 05.02.22

CN D Pantin

AFCMD as a vehicle for for the study of the expressive body

by Toni d’Amelio et Emmanuelle Lyon

AFCMD (Functional analysis of the body in the dance movement) and Iyengar Yoga provide proprioceptive and conceptual tools to re-initiate the subject’s evolving movement. This workshop proposes to use these tools to enhance the expressiveness of the dancing body.

With Toni d'Amelio, through exercises whose slow progress makes the fine coordinations perceptible and evokes a reading of the body that she describes as "botanical". With Emmanuelle Lyon, through AFCMD workshops that nourish the connections made between yoga and dance, facilitating the transfer of learning from one practice to the other, accompanied by iconographic and theoretical supports to sustain the mental projections that are called for.