Thibault Lac
& Bryana Fritz


KNIGHT-NIGHT © Nadine Fraczkowski
KNIGHT-NIGHT © Nadine Fraczkowski

17 > 19.03.22

CN D Pantin

A fragile figure, suspended between dream and reality, Kathy Acker’s Don Quixote haunts KNIGHT-NIGHT, the piece jointly created by Bryana Fritz and Thibault Lac. And if this suspension spoke of the boundary between reality and stage representation? Far from a literal staging of the character imagined by Cervantes, KNIGHT-NIGHT invents visual and sound sequences that establish a dialogue with the elusive figure of the knight while playing with the fragility imposed by live performance.
Bryana Fritz is a choreographer, dancer and writer; Thibault Lac studied architecture before turning to dance. A shared love of queer and feminist art and their utopian potential brings them together in this show where each tests the contours of the stage space. Movement, song, text and costumes are all mobilised in turn in a Quixotic quest to invent a common and shared space.