Anna Massoni


 Anna Massoni, Rideau © Angela Massoni
Anna Massoni, Rideau © Angela Massoni

17 > 19.03.22

CN D Pantin

A ‘reversal’: this is how choreographer and performer Anna Massoni conceived this second solo, the follow-up to her Notte in 2019. Where the gesture of the solo tends to affirm a solitude, it would be rather a question here of problematizing it: how to make fictions which allow to decentralize the action? Rideau proposes a series of fragments, a combination of lines and motifs that trace and draw an overall design, deploying an open network of contiguities and dissociations between the body, the stage space, the lights and the music. Developed in part during residencies at the CN D, Rideau marks a new stage in its creator’s sensitive journey.

Having trained in contemporary dance at the CNSMD in Lyon, the dancer and choreographer Anna Massoni worked as a performer with Noé Soulier, Simone Truong and Cindy Van Acker. She created Ornement (2016) with Vania Vaneau and (To) Come and See (2015) with Simone Truong, Adina Secretan, Elpida Orfanidou and Eilit Marom. She is currently associated with Vincent Weber within Association 33e parallèle, which supports their respective works.