Professional Resources


Dancer, and tomorrow?

27.09 > 08.11.21

CN D Pantin

The health crisis may have reinforced or awakened certain questions, certain reflections concerning your professional future: where are you today in your career as a dancer, in your desires, in your projects? Have you ever thought about doing another job? What place does dance hold for you? Do you ever question your professional practice and think about a change of career or a transition?

This series of workshops offers you the opportunity to take the time to reflect with other dancers on your career path, to question the challenges of professional mobility, and to invent new paths. In a safe, supportive and inspiring environment, you will be able to question your motivations, consolidate your supports, open up the field of possibilities and identify the first levers of action that will allow you to enter into a professional transition process - at your own pace and according to your needs.

The group meets three times for three hours.
The construction of the cycle implies participation on the 3 scheduled dates: Mondays, September 27, October 11 and November 8, 2021 (from 2:00 to 5:00 pm).

The workshops are facilitated by Christine Baxas, Gestalt therapist, former dancer and Emmanuelle Queyroy, Assistant to the Director of Professional Resources, CN D.


All professional dancers, regardless of age.
Each year, a group of 8 to 10 dancers maximum is formed.