La Nuit tombe
quand elle veut

Latifa Laâbissi
& Marcelo Evelin

La nuit tombe quand elle veut, © Nadia Lauro
La nuit tombe quand elle veut, © Nadia Lauro

09 > 11.12.21

CN D Pantin

The encounter between the French choreographer Latifa Laâbissi and the Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin gave rise to the idea of a timeless vigil – inhabited by voices and songs, populated by flamboyant presences and haunting ghosts. With La Nuit tombe quand elle veut [Night Falls When It Wants], they invite the audience to follow them, to immerse their perception in the company of sentry-like figures – half-lookouts, half-guardians – amplifying the images and words that they express. Accompanied by musician Tomas Monteiro – whose theremin becomes the sounding board for their imaginary states – their presences mutate, becoming “bodies that see, consolidate, cannibalise, archive”. Augmented by Nadia Lauro’s incandescent spatial design, these bodies saturated with images melt into a turbulent and malleable matter in constant metamorphosis: a secret, clandestine night, summoning a parliament of the invisible and the voiceless.