Steven Michel

Steven Michel, DATADREAM © Laetitia Bica
Steven Michel, DATADREAM © Laetitia Bica

04 > 06.11.21

CN D Pantin

In DATADREAM, the virtual takes on the air of ritual. Steven Michel, a well-known performer, who often features in pieces by Jan Martens, continues his choreographic work with a solo that plays on the analogies between technology and spirituality. The Internet becomes a parallel fictional universe like any other, populated by trolls, torrents and tweeting birds. In a 360-degree, immersive device, designed with visual artist Laetitia Bica, Steven Michel integrates, for the first time, text and voice – electronically distorted by composers Raphaëlle Latini and Mathieu Bonnafous. Guided by tools borrowed from trance music, the audience finds itself at the heart of a physical and vocal incantation, where past, present and future come together. If everything is connected, haven’t we opened the way to a new invisible world, which we unconsciously inhabit?