Rebirth + One for All
+ Routes

Marllon Araújo
& Luyd Carvalho

© Ariadna Navarrete
© Ariadna Navarrete

09 > 11.12.21

CN D Pantin

Marllon Araújo and Luyd Carvalho met in Brazil before continuing their careers and training together in Belgium. This programme, comprising two solos and a duet, highlights their common points and what sets them apart. First, in Rebirth Marllon Araújo, white, gay and non-binary, evokes his questioning of his sense of self and how he came to construct his queer identity. Second, in One for All Luyd Carvalho, a black cisgender dancer, expresses the shocks he endured in 2020, from the anti-racist movement “Black Lives Matter” to the pandemic and the regime of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. After attending the Free Dance School of Maré, founded by Lia Rodrigues and the Redes de Maré association in Rio de Janeiro, Marllon Araújo and Luyd Carvalho crossed the Atlantic to continue their apprenticeship at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels. In Routes, the final piece on the programme, the two young artists confront their experiences, their social positions and the survival mechanisms they have developed during their young careers.