Ana Pi

Ana Pi, O B∆NQUETE © Samuel Akinruli
Ana Pi, O B∆NQUETE © Samuel Akinruli

20 > 22.10.21

CN D Pantin

O B∆NQUETE began with another Banquet: the one depicted in Plato’s Symposium, in the fourth century BC. In this text, the Greek philosopher depicts a group of men engaged in a dialogue on the definition of love. In 2019, at the invitation of Associação Videobrasil, Brazilian choreographer Ana Pi imagined her own dialogue on this theme, inviting her paternal aunt, Mylia Mary, to join her on stage. In Brazil, Mylia Mary is a cook and former Samba passista. They are joined by another accomplice, the philosophy teacher Maria Fernanda Novo, and then Ana Pi literally gets cooking. For the duration of this piece, the kitchen – an intimate sphere – becomes a theatre of discussions between these three black women on their history and their territories. In O B∆NQUETE, food and choreography become one, to speak of heritage, resistance and emotion.