Danse et rituel,
une exposition

30.09 > 18.12.21

CN D Pantin

On the occasion of the symposium-event, the CN D has invited the curator Guillaume Désanges to imagine an exhibition inspired by the questions and analyses that emerge from studying the links between dance and ritual. Rather than simply echo or illustrate the many ideas exchanged during this moment of artistic and scientific encounter, the aim is to freely expand on certain chosen forms and motifs, through works, images, films and objects but also to evoke (or invoke) various practices. Starting from a series of key words, and without seeking to be exhaustive, the exhibition will outline a network of references whose interrelations are at least as important as their individual presences. Since ritual is not exclusive to the religious domain or even to the (spi)ritual one, just as dance does not belong to the dancer alone, the exhibition will allow for digressions into other fields of creation and thinking (including, in addition to choreography, the visual arts, cinema, literature and music) whose links with the theme may be more or less direct. Drawing on the CN D’s archives, other documentary sources and borrowed works, the exhibition will propose an iconographic, textual, visual and poetic counterpoint to the event that will infiltrate the building’s public spaces.

of the International
Symposium Dances and Rituals