Lisa Nelson & Baptiste Andrien & Florence Corin

Lisa Nelson, Tuning Score
Lisa Nelson, Tuning Score

25.06.21 — 18:00

CN D Pantin

Lisa Nelson via Skype with Baptiste Andrien and Florence Corin led a workshop with the campers from June 21 to 25. They invite the public to a presentation of this work.

Lisa Nelson is a choreographer, improviser and videomaker. Since the early 1970s, she has been exploring the role of the senses in the representation and observation of movement. Based on her video work, she has created a method of spontaneous composition and a dance show titled Tuning Scores. She creates, teaches and puts on shows all round the world, collaborating with numerous artists. Since 1977, she has been the co-editor of Contact Quarterly, an international dance and improvisation review. She lives in Vermont, USA. 

After training as an architect, Baptiste Andrien turned towards video and dance. He joined Contredanse in 2006 and has worked with Florence Corin on publications and training courses, including a collaboration with Lisa Nelson, which started in 2014 with the publication of two video games and a book about her work. Since 2001, he has collaborated with other dancers, choreographers, musicians and artists on an exploration of Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Score, through pedagogical workshops, research laboratories and shows. 

After training as an architect, Florence Corin opted for multimedia creation in the field of dance and digital technologies. With the association Mutin, she has created several installations and choreographic and interactive pieces. Since 1998, she has been the co-director of Les Éditions Contredanse. In collaboration with Patricia Kuypers and Baptiste Andrien, she has produced most of the works published by Contredanse and in particular Material for the Spine by Steve Paxton and Anna Halprin, Dancing Life/Danser la vie. Since 2014, she has been working with Baptiste Andrien & Lisa Nelson.