River Lin

Is(o)land Bar

Betty Apple © Zito Tseng
Betty Apple © Zito Tseng

19.06.21 — 18:00

CN D Pantin

IsLand Bar is an open-source project in English by Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC), first initiated as an experiment in ADAM Lab 2017, and commissioned in Taipei Arts Festival 2018 led by principal artists Scarlet Yu (Hong Kong), Chikara Fujiwara (Japan), Lee Ming-Chen (Taiwan).
Four Taiwanese artists offer their signature cocktail, a political mix of fiction and reality, performing the polymorphic identities of Asian immigrants, expatriates, and descendants of immigrants, in search of possible narratives in a transcultural context. In 2020, IsLand Barwas first transformed into an online performance as Is(o)Land Bar in Taipei Arts Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival to offer online encounters between artists and audiences remotely. Each artists will host ten audience at the same time.

Betty Apple comes from a millennium generation of avant-garde artists in Taiwan. She received her B.A. in Theater and M.A. in New Media Art at the Taipei National University of the Arts. Betty Apple’s art (and music) focuses on using body politics and performativity as her framework and drawing on her lived experience as a millennial living in post-colonial Taiwan. Recently invited to CTM 2021, Mona Foma FOMO 2021, Nuit Blanche Taipei 2020, Taipei art festival 2020, Biennale Jogja 2019.

Huang Ding-Yun is one of the co-founders of Taipei-based multi-creator collective, Co-Coism. Co-coism aims at work-in-collective, site-responding and interdisciplinary practices. They focus on creating a flexible relationship between the audience and the performers. Recently, Ding-Yun initiated series projects on Mind and Consciousness, such as God in Residence, Performing Insanity, Octopussy. Co-coism’s recent works are Play God, Where is Ai-Guo Lin?, Walking to the Moon, Waiting for Godot, An Unidentified Dialogue, Between Meals and You Can Sleep Here. Other works created by Ding-Yun include The Cinematic Duo, CRISPR in the Intertidal Zone, IsLand Bar - Sweet Potato Affair (co-created with Henry Tan), Provisional Alliance (co-created with Blaire Ko), Bit the Tongue, You Are Not Alone, Chaos in Chronicling, Teapot Storm.

Freshly graduated from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, Yilin went to study theatre at the University of Paris III. She joined Richard Demarcy’s theatre company since 2005. At the same time as the touring, she has been attending the acting school École Claude Mathieu. Since 2008 she started to play in front of the camera. Her best film acting is in Fabianny Deschamps’s Isola (selected by l’Acid / Festival de Cannes 2016). In theatre, she played twice in Canadian playwright Carole Fréchette's I think of Yu, directed by Jean-Claude Berutti and then by Thierry Delhomme. She also collaborated with Théâtre de la Ville de Paris on various artistic projects. In 2020, she wrote, directed and played in Kusomo and his Bali Mynah, co-produced by Théâtre de la Ville de Paris and Weiwuying, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts.

A performing artist whose work in multiple art forms – theatre, dance, performance art, drag, etc. –transcends gender binaries in its exploration of contemporary queer identity. In 2020, he created queer theatre shows: Paris Wild Plum Blossom and Mommy Drag. He also has worked with different artists: River Lin, Cheng-Ta Yu, Baboo, Betty Apple, Ding-Yun Huang, You-Rou Chen, Ke-Yang Chang, Nymphia Wind, etc. Since 2016, he worked with foreign artists: Pascal Rambert, Jean-François Auguste, Matthieu Roy, and Gerard & Kelly, etc., and performed in Edinburgh Festival Fringe and so. During the time he lived in Paris from 2018 to 2020, he did arts residencies in Théâtre de la ville de Paris, MC93 de Paris and so.