Silvia Gribaudi

Camping Workshop

14 > 18.06.21


Silvia Gribaudi’s artistic and choreographic language straddles dance and theatre, always embodying a form of lightness and irony. Her work focuses on research through the body, the relationship with the audience, with particular attention to the social framework in which it takes place. In 2009, she created A corpo Libero, a piece selected by Aerowaves Dance Across Europe, then presented at the Venice Biennale and in numerous festivals, including Do Disturb at the Palais de Tokyo. With her piece Vergogna, she participated in The Poetry of Shame event during Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019. She is currently working on her next production, MON JOUR! co-produced by the Turin Festival / Teatro Stabile di Torino as part of the European project Corpo Links Cluster.

This workshop is an experience of the poetic dimension that Silvia Gribaudi researches between the vivacity and presence of the body, where the cathartic dimension of humour and play are embodied in the expression of the body and of the gesture in each person. Through a proposal mixing contemporary dance training and clown, with a focus on the value of the fall, imperfection and mistake are considered as an expressive opportunity. How to revitalize physicality with self-irony and the dynamism of dance and humour? How does dance bring the perception of the body and changes in this playful atmosphere?