DD Dorvillier

Camping Workshop

14 > 18.06.21


Born in Puerto Rico, DD Dorvillier began her career in New York in 1989. She lived and worked at the Matzoh Factory (Brooklyn), a former factory, which, along with choreographer Jennifer Monson, she converted into a space for artistic experimentation and parties. The eighteen works listed in her long-term project A catalogue of steps were created there. She moved to France in 2010. Her practice is both conceptual and physical, drawing heavily on external sources to construct her scores and choreographic materials. Research into the relationship (or non-relationship) between music and dance, as well as work with light as an artistic material, are often driving forces in her work. She was an associate artist-researcher with the Exerce master at ICI-CCN Montpellier (2017-2019). In 2020, together with electronic music composer Sébastien Roux she will inaugurate La Corvette, a multidisciplinary research and experimentation space in Burgundy. Since 2019 she has been associate artist at CDCN Le Dancing Dijon Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Touch Move Talk Write, studio practices
Exploring four elements that are intrinsic to choreographic practice: touch, move, talk, write. For this workshop, our ways of seeing and understanding come to the fore and become a topic of research. How do we see ourselves at work? Each person’s practices act as a mirror and create a reflexive space for discovery and invention, collectively and individually. Each person’s experiences, curiosities and desires to share, become fuel for experimenting with emerging forms, forms of presence, shared knowledge, unexpected ways of traversing our choreographic/artistic questions and ways of being together.