Ola Maciejewska

Camping Workshop

14 > 18.06.21

CN D Pantin
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Ola Maciejewska’s work focuses on practices, learning processes and transmission of a legacy called: Thing Dances – approaches where technologies, objects, equipment, spaces, artifacts, and instruments are involved in the process of movement production. After working with Loïe Fuller’s ‘dancing structure’ in Loïe Fuller: Research and Bombyx Mori, Sisyphus rock in Tekton and Cosmopol, she embodies a particular genre of dance history as a way to respond to the ecological crisis that calls  for new commitments and a new grammar. She received a scholarship from “International Tanzmesse NRW” to carry out research focused on the scenography of Rolf Borzik at the Archives of the Pina Bausch Foundation.

Tool Kit Transmission: Loïe Fuller 
The participants will be working with tools that emerged from a choreographic research on serpentine dances invented by Loïe Fuller. They will focus on tasks that explore the visible and invisible movements, duration, vocal work based on beatboxing techniques  with the participation of Scratchy  and explore more precisely the intersection between dance and sculpture. The idea is to engage in a collective practice that evokes foreign lands without needing to travel far away.