Poliana Lima

Camping Workshop

21 > 25.06.21

CN D Pantin
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Born in Brazil in 1983, Poliana Lima lives and works in Madrid. After her first solo, Palo en la Rueda (2011), she took part in the European project Performing Gender and collaborated with the Lithuanian performer Ugne Dievaityte on the creations Es Como Ver Nubes and Flesh. Atavico (2014), her first group work, won numerous prizes. The choreographer is an associate artist at the Conde Duque Cultural Center in Madrid where, in 2019, she presented her documentary choreography Aqui, Siempre. She is an Aerowaves 2021 artist with her show Things Move But They Don’t Say Anything, presented during Camping 2021.

Things Move But They Don’t Say Anything 
Poliana Lima proposes to work on the core physical methodology which informed the creation of her choreography, Things Move But They Don’t Say Anything, which is presented this year during Camping. Exploring a combination of physical and attention exercises, participants will engage with ideas of permanence and dissolution through movement. Key aspects of this process will include notions of repetition, stillness, muscular tension and the relationship between specific parts of the body and
the body as a holistic entity.