Régine Chopinot

Camping Workshop

21 > 25.06.21

CN D Pantin
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A dancer and choreographer, Régine Chopinot was artistic director of the Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle from 1986 to 2008. Her practice of the choreographic art is at the crossing of creation, research and transmission. Through her study of ancient and complex sciences of the body, such as yoga, she confronts contemporary dance with the elements and the rhythms of nature. In 2009, she left for the South Pacific to study and experiment with the tools of orality in cultures structured by oral transmission — New Caledonia, New Zealand and Japan. Régine Chopinot is artist in residence at the MC93 — Maison de la culture de Seine-Saint-Denis in Bobigny for La Fabrique d’expériences, and artist in territory at Port des créateurs — Toulon. Within the Academy of the Paris Opera, she created O U I, a dance project for people in exile, learning the French language or in great economic difficulty. Her creations include: Délices (1983), Le Défilé (1985), K.O.K (1988), St Georges (1991), Végétal (1995), Very Wetr! (2012), PACIFIKMELTINGPOT — PMP (2015-2018), A D-N (2021).

Workshop on dance-action improvisation and perception
Accompanied by a live musician, the workshop is intended for anyone involved in body practice and/or the production of artistic acts. The objective is to perceive and implement a physical and energetic space, and to find a tangible basis to federate a homogeneous group, listening to oneself and to others.